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I have just acquired a Power Mac 5400 with a TV tuner card. One problem - the tuner part seems to be NTSC only, and the country I am in uses the PAL standard The video image I get through the tuner is offset down and to the right, and in black and white, and there is only weird sounding static - are these the right symptoms? The composite and S/Video inputs work fine (I can change their input modes). Would there be any way of getting around it - or would I need a new tuner?

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Make sure that the monitor is

Make sure that the monitor is set to a correct resolution. I can't remember what the maximum resolution is, but it is something like 800x600. Maybe lower. Try different resolutions and see if that helps.


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ah typical problem, and its n

ah typical problem, and its not resolution.

search google for PAL to NTSC converter. should solve the issue

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Don't bother getting a conver

Don't bother getting a converter. They're waaaay too expensive. Get a used VCR, hook it up to the video-in card, set the card to PAL in the preferences and use the VCR as a tuner instead of the built in tuner card.

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