trade: 3 P3 porcessors for 1, Plus some Ram

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trade: 3 P3 porcessors for 1, Plus some Ram

hello, I have 3 pentium III processors, all cartrige type. one is running @ 450mhz (comp's origonal), another at 500mhz, and the one inside my machine is @ 550mhz. I also have a P II cartrige, @350mhz, with afan/heatsink combo on the side. I will also throw in 4 128mb SDRAM sticks. here is what I need for my "Grey Thunder" Project:

- 1 Pentium III processor, cartrige type, runningat at least 1ghz, if not faster (I dont know if the cartrige types went any faster than that), or if it is OC'ed.

- 3 1gb (1024mb) *each* SDRAM sticks, to max out my computer's memory.

here are the specs of my comp right now:

Pentium III @ 550 mhz
383mb SDRAM
HDD1: 15.0gb IBM Deskstar
HDD2: 13.6gb IBM Deskstar
Optical: 16x CDRW/8x DVD-ROM Samsung drive
Floppy: replacement (not case formed) HP standard 1.44mb FDD
OS: Windows XP Professional

Thanks, I hope to get this baby fast enough to run 5 extensive Apps simotaniosally, without lag. -digital Wink