Testing waters in selling 3 CCs (one a Mystic)/Saves Kittens Lives!

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Testing waters in selling 3 CCs (one a Mystic)/Saves Kittens Lives!

I recently moved to SW Ohio and brought my 3 CCs with me, However, I do not have the room for them anymore (wife!). Two are stock running units and one is a Mystic created by Chris (was done in Kalamazoo). I am not interested in shipping them and was wondering if anyone in the SW Ohio area may be interested?

I hate to part with them but my new wife thinks they just do not match our home's needs.

Some photos of them in their old home:

Story on how the hacked CC saved my kittens:
Although my kittens are growing into young adults, I still hate leaving them alone for too long. To make me feel better, I have one of my hacked Color Classics (running OS 8.1!) acting as a "Kitty Cam." I am using Site Cam and I have it set to take continuous movies at 30 minute intervals and photos every 10 minutes. I have the old Color QuickCam focused on the kittens food, water, and heated bed. I have the files stored on my G3 server running OS 10.2 Server. As a result, I can check on my kittens basically anytime or while I am at anyplace.

Here is a typical movie that represents 30 minutes: http://homepage.mac.com/biggerfoot/kittycamclip.mov

Here is a typical photo showing their food, water, and them being kittens:

Well, long story short, while I was out of town, I noticed that I did not see the kittens eating, drinking, or sleeping for an entire day. Lucily, I was only 4 hours away so I rushed home and sure enough, here is what I found:

Somehow, for the first time, they had gotten stuck behind my entertainment system. I have an ottoman in front of the TV so they can watch it (they like to watch TV!) so that is probably how they managed to get there.

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"I hate to part with them but

"I hate to part with them but my new wife thinks they just do not match our home’s needs."

I would think about parting with the new wife. LOL. Oh, and who said anything about a home's needs.... what about your needs... needs for CC geekdome?

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bigger place?

yeah! Having just gotten married, don't tell me tha thought has not come up about a bigger place. Just store 'em until you have a "scott-space". Loyal machines as such deserve a reprieve from the auction block if one can be had.


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Been there...

The apartment and my first house after getting married were quite small. I got rid of a lot of geek stuff, and a number of times wished I'd hung onto it somehow (for a while I stored Macs in my locker at work!). It's all built up again, but I was lucky...

Maybe you can find some place to squirrel them away for a few years until you get that previously mentioned "scott-space" Smile

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What would Yoda Do?

If you give in too easily, you will have forever lost your ground.

Marriage is a great big compromise in which the husband is always on the losing side. I would strongly advise you to approach the problem by suggesting a 'compromise' to her in that you store these machines until there is a better space and not get rid of them. This should seem fair to her, she will feel like she is winning by 'decorating' sans the ' hideous beige things that don't fit', and you will feel like you are winning by keeping them and sending a clear message that you have no intention of letting go of a prized possession. By offering the compromise you can direct the outcome of the situation to something more comfortable to you.

This compromise is only fair, however, if you still have a workspace for using a computer. If you are loosing your only computer workspace in this deal, then you should bargain to keep some small corner of the room for just one machine.

Just my two cents...


Other 'compromises' I have offered in various relationships...
[*]I will get rid of those huge speakers on the top-heavy stands as soon as he (crawling infant) knocks it over. (two months later, he pulled it over and made a whole in the wall, so I got something smaller - still miss the big'uns)
[*]If I have to lift the ring, then you have to lower it. (of course I solved it by closing the ring and the lid on the bowl, forcing both of us to open it and close it)
[*]If I am going to leave the laundry for my wife, then I must take on other chores, like toilets, trash, recycling, vomit (sick children, cats, ...)
[*]If I spend money from the debit card, I must put the receipt in a small cedar box near here desk to ensure that it is counted when it is time to balance. (she used to have to root through my wallet and other 'drop sites', she was going to take the card)

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I would buy one in a heartbeat!!!!


I am incredibly interested in buying one. I would like to purchase one that is not hacked. Let me know what price would be reasonable and perhaps we can work something out...

My email is ...


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