Ipod 40GB for 40 US dollars!!

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Ipod 40GB for 40 US dollars!!

I just purchased an Apple Ipod 40GB for only $40!!! You can too. Just click
the link below to find out how. This really works. I already heard good stories
about these "free-gift" sites from numerous friends and acquaintances (they all
really received their chosen gifts), so I decided to give it a try aswell. And
it just works. You buy these "cell phone signal boosters" and you'll get your
Ipod for free. The explanation for this is simple. Instead of investing millions
of dollars in overly expensive TV campaigs these companies now have a fairly
inexpensive way to advertise and acquire new customers by sending out these
gifts. All you have to do is click on this link, and see for yourself.


Please note that this is NOT actually an auction. It is just an
advertisement to show you where you can get an Ipod for only $40. Therefore
PLEASE DO NOT BID!!! Once again, do NOT bid. I've had numerous people bidding on
this item, and raising my seller fees that way. I WON'T sell out an Ipod, as
I'm simply not selling the item, but just provide this information.

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Oh Boy!

A pyramid scheme! How can I join????

When you buy our product, 2-pack of Cell Phone Signal Boosters, you are entered into the waiting list for a free gift of your choice (your chosen cell phone, ipod, xbox, ps2, etc). When the required number of new members join, the person currently at the top of the list will receive their chosen free gift

Can this thread be locked, deleted, or incinerated, please?

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Re: Oh Boy!

Can this thread be locked, deleted, or incinerated, please?

Done and done.

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