Powerbook 1400 and PCMCIA nics

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Powerbook 1400 and PCMCIA nics


I just acquired a nice Powerbook 1400cs/133 that I would like to start using for some basic functions. I'm not familiar with Mac's in general, and am slowly learning as I go with the help of my Mac OS in a Nutshell book.

One of the stumbling blocks I have hit is that it seems neither of my NIC's are supported by the vendor with Mac OS drivers. One is a Linksys EC2T combo card, the other is a Belkin F5D5020 card.

Are there any tricks I can use to get either of them to work with some other driver?



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This shows some hope if you have a 3Com Card.

Farralon makes Mac friendly PCMCIA cards, although eBay will be the only one that has them due to thier age.

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