FS: Beige G3 Tower 433 Mhz

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FS: Beige G3 Tower 433 Mhz

I don't use this enough anymore, and I need money, so it's gotta go!

Beige G3 running at 433 Mhz
256 MB Ram
9Gb & 4 Gb Ultra-Wide SCSI hard drives
Atto ExpressPCI PSC Ultra-Wide SCSI Controller
Flashed ATI Radeon 7000 32MB PCI Video card
Apple 10/100 PCI Ethernet card
Iomega Internal Zip100 Drive
Stock Apple DVD Drive OR I will include a Lite-On 48x CD Burner (if I can get it working). Up to the buyer.
Will have OS 9.2 installed for the buyer.

Now for some info:
-- This computer is overclocked. It has a G3 400Mhz processor in it currently, and came with a 333 Mhz processor originally. This G3 has been running at 433 Mhz for quite sometime now, and has never had a single glitch because of it.
-- The ATI Radeon card was originally a PC Card, but I have reflashed it as a Mac card. It works fine, and the added video acceleration helps out immensely running OSX 10.3.
-- This G3 also has the hard to find Apple DVD Personality card (Audio In/out, Video In/Out). It came with a DVD-ROM drive, and it does play DVD's in OS X and OS 9. Only problem is that when I plugged it in to my stereo system one time, I saw sparks from inside the case. Upon investigation I found 2 tiny resistors fried on the personality card. The only problem that has resulted from this is a distorted audio output to an unamplified device. The Harmon/Kardon Speaker system I have connected sounds prefectly fine, but headphones are distorted all to hell. Replacement personality cards can be found cheap on eBay.

Other than the problem listed above, it's a solid system. It runs Panther fine, and runs OS 9 great. It makes a good system for some wanting to get started with a Mac, or someone wanting a decent server. Hopefully someone else can get some use out of it, I don't like to let it just sit unused in my house when it could be doing someone else some good.

Asking price is $170 shipped to your door. Please PM me, or email me at llecount@eaglecom.net if intrested.