G3 Beige problems

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G3 Beige problems

I have G3/266 beige. It was work very good, but now i have a problem with powering up my Mac.
Pressing case or kbd power starts the PS fan and the drives power up with original power supply. I hear chime, HDD spin UP and power LED ON and nothing more hapen. The screen is black(OFF). I press Cmd-Opt-Power to reset -the same. Tried with a ATX PC supply and all is the same.

The system has AV Personality card and original integrated ATI Rage II+DVD video, RAM 384mb DIMM, the CD-ROM, floppy and HDD 20Gb.

I've tried pulling the PRAM batt, and pressing the CUDA button, also tried a fresh battery. My mac logic board is totaly dead or there is something I should try to do?

Any ideas?!

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Try reseating the RAM and the

Try reseating the RAM and the ROM. Then *carefully* try cleaning the ZIF connectors and the VRM. If it still doesn't work, then it's the motherboard most likely.

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