Replace Ti Powerbook VGA model LCD with LCD from DVI model?

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Replace Ti Powerbook VGA model LCD with LCD from DVI model?

Hi people, mucho help needed.

I have a Titanium Powerbook 667MHZ Onyx model, with VGA output, not DVI. I have never had a mac before as out of my price range, but this was gifted to me and I cant wait to try it out. Unfortutly the prevous owner throw it at someone, so it was quite a mess when i got it. I have lovingly restored it all, and it works great. Except the LCD. I have been watching EBAY for a long time waiting for the correct replacement screen, but alas they go for $500 dollars. Too much for me! I have found cheaper LCD screens intended for the DVI model. (higher resolution as well) Is it possible to transplant these and use them? Any info much appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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DVI LCD works but . . .

your pre-DVI TiBook won't fill the screen, at the bottom it will show a repeat of the top 138 pixels and the righthand edge will show 128 pixels of static/garbage. It'll be usable, but not pretty. No, there's no way to force the older 'Book to display the larger resolution.

See my page for some specifics.

On eBay I'm seeing bare 1152x rez LCDs going for ~US$100-$200, not the $500 you mention. Or are you referring to complete displays? I see working displays with intact hinges usually selling in the range ~$175-$300. Try searching eBay's Computers+Networking category, search-titles-only ->(titan*,tibook,"powerbook g4") (lcd*,display*,screen*)<-


dan k

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