Recommend a DVI cable

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Recommend a DVI cable

I'm using a new Sceptre 20" LCD. When I connect it to my PB via the DVI cable and mini DVI adapter, I get bright pink bleeding along certain shades (or shade) of grey. The manufacturer suspects it's a "connection issue" and if I use the VGA connection it doesn't exhibit the problem. So I'm looking for a DVI cable and prices vary tremendously. I don't want to spend $100, bit I don't want to end up with another cable that exhibits the same problem, either. Does anybody have a recommendation?

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We've got OEM Dell DVI cables

We've got OEM Dell DVI cables up the wazoo at work. Lemme know if you want one of 'em. I used one to connect my AlBook to my Dell 17" LCD, and it worked great.

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