G3 Wallstreet II Display Mystery... Please Help Me

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G3 Wallstreet II Display Mystery... Please Help Me

Story goes like this.... Powebook G3 300 with 14.1 screen. Clutch broke and was swapping in a 13" from another PB. Something went wrong, 'cause I'm an idiot and did while the maching was on. Video never returned to the computer. I took out the HD and processor and swapped them into another parts machine with a 13". Both displays work just fine. Finally got a new clutch for the 14, more ram and a faster, bigger HD. Thought I'd take the old HD and some upgraded ram and resurrect the dead one.

I've swapped the PMU with two other units, two other A/C boards, the charge board, and when all of those failed, I replaced the mother board. Still No video, ever. I'm clueless. The only thing I have not swapped, is the sleep switch and the trackpad, but out of the three wallstreet computers I've got, I've never had one go bad.

The computer boots just fine and operates as if nothing is wrong. But display never comes up at all.

I know the 13 display is fine, as I tested it on this machine and it works fine. What else could it possibly be? I've swapped every part with new ones!

What the heck am I missing?


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You may have popped the inver

You may have popped the inverter board, so there is no power to the LCD. Easy enough to check, just swap the one in from the other PB. If an external monitor works, the MB is fine.


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