WTB: Apple III Plus

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WTB: Apple III Plus

Ok, so this might seem like a frivolous or naïve post; but I figure, One has not for he asks not. SO, what they hell- Maybe someone has got one of the extra little buggers lying around or you’ve spotted one someplace. At any rate, I’m keeping my eyes peeled here on my end- just thought I’d broaden my chances a bit.

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Mmmm...spam. Something tells

Mmmm...spam. Something tells me that this guy does not have Apple III's for sale. Moderator?

As soon as I replied to his comment, I was immediately PM'ed his initial posting. Pretty annoying!

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Well, if you are in need of a...

Well, if you are in need of an Apple III system working w/ lots of extras, let me know as I have two units and I don't really need my spare one anymore. I have about 3 Dozen Real Apple III Apps like Visicalc, Mail List Manager, Etc... PM for more info.

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