FS: Ipod Dock and carrying case, CDs, DVDs, XBox Ps2 GC PC games, laptop parts!

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FS: Ipod Dock and carrying case, CDs, DVDs, XBox Ps2 GC PC games, laptop parts!

Looking to clean out the rest of my items--please offer on ALL item, as I can negotiate. Smile

I'm looking for cash, as well as these items:

Ipod (mini, regular, or broken)
Dell 2001 Flat Panel LCD Screen
Surround Sound setup (for my room in my new home/family room/dorm)
Best Buy Gift Cards

Ipod Mini Dock $27.00
Link to Ipod Dock Specs

Ipod Protective Carrying Case (black) $15.00
Link to Ipod Case

Ultima: Runes of Virtue--free with purchase
GB Worm light (yellow)--free with purchase

Sega Game Gear:
Lion King --$5.00

Sega Master System (all 3 for 15.00)
Spy VS Spy
Affter Burner
Golden Axe

Dreamcast (3 for 10.00)
Virtua Tennis
Tomb Raider
World Series Baseball 2k1

SNES games (why are the RPGs worth so much?):
NHL 96 Sealed--$5.00
Final Fantasy III 3 cart, box and manual (manual beat up a bit)--$70.00
Chrono Trigger cart, Box--$55.00 (box in mint)
Mario RPG cart, box, and manual (cart has small amount of wear)--$65.00
Harvest Moon cart, manual (very small wear on top of cart)--$70.00
Donkey Kong Country cart, manual--$10.00
Chrono Trigger cart (2nd one, this one has writing on it)-$40.00 IN TALKS
Mega Man 7 cart--$35.00

Other SNES guides, manuals, and stuff:

Earthbound Scratch and sniff cards (the whole page intact from the earthbound guide)--$5.00 (offer)
Donkey Kong Country manual (2nd one)--$2.00
3 Brand new Earthbound Boxes--$15.00 each
1 Brand new Mario RPG box--$15.00

Playstation 1/PSX:
Twisted Metal 2 complete (case is cracked)--$7.00 PRICE DROP!
PS1 Fishing remote/controller (sony brand)--$14.00 PRICE DROP!
Backstreet Billiards (2 disk game)-- $17.00

Zelda Collectors Edition Guide (3, all new)-$20.00 shipped
Wario World Guide (prima, new)--$10.00
Zelda Wind Waker Guide (nintendo, new)--$10.00

Megaman Anniversary--$20.00

Max Payne 2 SEALED--$15.00
NBA Inside Drive 2002 --$2.00
NCAA 2k3 College Football --$2.00
Air Force Delta Storm --$16.00

Madden '03--$2.00

Computer RAM:
PC133 RAM 64 MB (EUDAR brand, 2 sticks) --$15.00 (offer)

Computer/Laptop parts/drives:

CDs ($4.50 shipped each or 3 for $13.00 shipped, all are complete/good condition) PRICE DROP

Adam Sander: Shhhhh Don't Tell ($7.00)
Paul Simon: Negotiations and Love songs 1971-1986
Hip Hop Hits Volume 2 (the source presents)
Alan Jackson: Greatest Hits Collection
Silverchair: Neon Ballroom
Shania Twain: The woman in me
Warren G: Regulate...G funk Era
Tommy Boy Soundtrack
Enrique Iglesias: Self Titled

DVDs ($8.00 each unless noted and are complete and in good condition) PRICE DROP!
Shawshank Redemption
Tommy Boy
Shanghi Noon
The mummy Collectors Edition
Men at work
Simpson 1st Season (15.00) Price Drop!
There's something about Mary

Computer For Sale ($300.00):
1600+ athlon processor
100 gig Hard drive
Ge force 4 128 MB Ti 4200 vid card
12x10x32x cdrw
16X dvd drive
windows XP

DVD RW drive ($45.00)
Cendyne DVD RW Drive (Brand new, never used)...2X

Laptop/Notebook parts:

3 Dell Swappable batteries:

1 Dead-$5.00
1 New--$75.00
1 Almost new (2.5 hours)--$60.00

All batteries will work with the P/N 75UYF, 1691P, 5081P, 3149C, 53977, 851UY. Check to see if your battery has this P/N

Dell AC adaptor with P/N 9364U Model AA20031--$15.00
Dell Swappable floppy Drive 3.5 1.44 with P/N 10NrV-A00--$10.00 PRICE DROP!
Dell swappable Zip Module with P/N 653NH--$15.00 PRICE DROP!

Dell Inspiron Replacable Panels (Purple and Dark Blue)--$15.00 for both

Olympus Digital Camera--$60.00 PRICE DROP
Camedia D-380 with 2.0 Megapixel, 5X digital Zoom, and USB Auto Connect Ex. Cond.

Computer games---Prices are negotiable, just like the other items Smile

GAMES $28.00 Shipped
Everquest II - Unused Account

-GAMES $13.00 Shipped
Prince of persia - Sands of Time
Splinter Cell - Pandora Tommorow
Iron Storm
Red Faction
Battlefield 1942 - Road to Rome
Rainbow Six Collection - Rainbow Six, Eagle Watch, Rogue Spear
Operation Flashpoint Collection - Operation Flashpoint, Gold Upgrade,
Resistance Addon
Baldurs Gate II --Huge manual included!

-GAMES $10.00 Shipped
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Postal 2: Share the Pain
Dungeon Keeper II
The Sims
Vampire - The Masquerade: Redemption
Need for Speed - Hot Persuit 2
Tribes 2
Half Life: Blue Shift
Serious Sam: First Encounter
Omikron: Nomad Soul
Heavy Metal: Fakk 2




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Saint Patty's Day bump!

Saint Patty's Day bump!

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