Mastermind - A Number Game for the 6502

The game "Mastermind" written by Steve Wozniak for the Dr. Dobbs Journal. The game source code listings will work on the Apple I, as stated by steve in the article.

Document is dated September 1976.

See for information on getting this as well as other large documents on 5 DVDs for the cost of media.

Preserved in time thanks to David Craig.

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Well I just found this really good piece of history that David preserved and I just say Thanks you David.

I like to type in old programs so when I read the note I do my homework in order to make my Atari 800 and Commodore 64 versions. I put especial care for make as little mods to the original code as possible.

But I do find a couple of errors on the ASM source code, in fact I can be sure that this assembly listing is not going to work on any 6502 system.

In order to make it work you must change the memory location of some variables.

I like to share my discovery and try to find the Dr. Dobbs Journal issues that follow it, to know if some fix was published.

Thanks for your help,