The Woz Pack II and Other Assorted Goodies

This file has been removed at the request of the Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange. - Tom Owad, June 29, 2013

Docupack Volume 1
The Woz Pack II and Other Assorted Goodies
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange
138 pages
A Collection of Apple II Documentation. Furnished Through Courtesy of Apple Computer Inc. Assembled and Distributed by Apple Puget Sound Program Library Exchange

Amoung the interesting information are ads from the late 70s. Smile
Table of Contents:
Line Number Fross Reference
Symbol Cross Reference
Pack & Load
Machine Code Relocation Notes
Tape Verify
High Resolution Graphics Subroutines
Shape Generator
SWEET 16 Introduction
SWEET 16 The 6502 Dream Machine
Floating Point Routines
Auto Repeat for Monitor Commands
Integer Basic Subroutine Calls
HI-RES Color Modification
Color Killer Modification

See for information on getting this as well as other large documents on DVD for the cost of media.

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