headless powermac g3

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headless powermac g3

hello, i have a powermac g3 with no monitor and no os installed on the harddisk, is there any kind of boot cd that will allow me to telnet or ssh onto the powermac and install linux on the hard disk

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Network Access Disk

... is a boot floppy. You'll need the right version for that machine. Google gamba2 - links and howtos - or go to the Apple older software download page. It also should contain disk formatting utlities IIRC.

However you won't be able to telnet or ssh into the machine, as that requires a working OS at both ends. If you're working from a Linux machine, install Netatalk on that and you should be able to connect and see the Mac-formatted HD.

Easier still would be to download and burn the ISOs for any of the PPC Linuxes such as Yellow Dog.

(You do realise you won't be able to install an x86/Intel/AMD binary, right?)

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7.6.1 needed

The Beige G3 needs 7.6.1 to boot, the Network Access Disk contains 7.5. I recommend you get someone to burn you a Mac OS 8 bootable CD with a VNC or TImbuktu server. Then you can get into it from another computer.

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