FastMac 867MHz G4 ZIF uprgrade in G4 400 AGP

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FastMac 867MHz G4 ZIF uprgrade in G4 400 AGP

Hi all,

I purchased an 867MHz g4 upgrade for my G4 400 AGP recently from Galaxy online (price was very good) and have had some problem getting it up and running. I was hoping someone has gone through similar experiences and might be able to share some insight with me.

As per the instructions supplied, I upgraded my firmware and installed the card. Restarted the computer and it froze partway through loading the extensions (yes, I still use OS9..9.2.2 to be exact on my desktop, and don't plan on switching to OSX for a while).
Restarted with extensions off, computer ran for a few minutes then froze...repeat several times. Then got the ever-so frightening breaking glass sound (something that I've always encountered with RAM problems). Out came the new card, in went the old card. Start up was fine, only now one of the 4 128 ram sticks is "not compatible" when I look in system profiler so I'm down to 384 megs of ram. The odd thing is that there are two sticks that are the same model and manufacturer but only one is now kaput. I tried to get through to the FastMac 'customer service' line several times without success, so I thought I'd post here.
I've been too busy (and depending too much on my computer for writing) to be able to afford the downtime to try again, but will be able to try in the next few weeks.
Anyone have any suggestions?



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Breaking glass sound?

Power Mac G3(Yosemite) and G4s don't have a breaking glass sound; they use simple beeps to tell you a component(or several) is cactus.

If it really made a breaking glass sound, then I do believe it has become possessed by the Old-World Mac Demon, and you should call a priest...

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