Quicksilver G4 for Powerbook G4

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Quicksilver G4 for Powerbook G4

I have a 733mhz Quicksilver G4 with 1.5 gigs o' ram. A 40 gig HD, A CD-RW drive, a ZIp 250 built in. Its running 10.2.8 and has tons of apps on it (Photoshop, Freehand 10 ect and games, all pretty new ((Postal 2, Tomb Raider AOD, No one lives forever 1 and 2.)) ) I will not include the origional cd's or boxes. It will have the necessary cables. Now the Powerbook I want is a first gen 12 inch or a 667 mhz Powerbook. MUST BE WORKING! As long as it have System 10 and 256 megs of ram or more, we have a deal.