Illuminating the Apple logo in a G3 AIO

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Illuminating the Apple logo in a G3 AIO


I have upgraded my G3 AIO with a 40 gb hard drive, a G4/400/1mb backside cache (running at 415mhz) processor, USB 2 port card, 56k internal modem and a zip drive...

Now I want to get rid of the beige color and illuminate the large Apple logo that is on the sides.

This is the thing I am completely new at...LED lights etc.

What is the best way to do this. For instance what type of light and where should I make the connection for it too glow when the mac is powered up?


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Some folks have opted to have LEDs that are connected to the drives of the machine, so that they flash durin I/O actions.

Others have patched into the power cable that feeds the hard drives and run off of the +5V line. This makes sense when using blue LEDs as most blues are 5V LEDs (and some being 3.3 V, but not many).

You could pull from the voltage already provided to the power (green/yellow) LED.

I am going to make the assumption that you want a Blue LED to backlight the logo. I cannot tell you how to hadle the case part of that, but I would pull power form the feeds to the hard drives since you have 5V right there.

For creative ideas, check out and see if anything sparks your fancy...

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