Wireless network detector for PB 3400c

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Wireless network detector for PB 3400c

I am looking for a wireless network detector that will work without Apple's AirPort drivers. Hence I need something that will work like classic stumbler but that will work with my current wifi drivers. Does anyone know if this is possible? If anyone could help me out that would be great.

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I'm guessing that KisMac won'

I'm guessing that KisMac won't work, as it uses a kext, IIRC. YOu might try runnign a Linux/BSD install and using something like Kismet/dstumbler. I use an old P-90 laptop and FreeBSD for wardriving, as it's almost free and it works fairly well. Doesn't get the range or networks that the iBook and it's nice antennas can get, but it cost many many hundreds of dollars less so if it get broken/stolen I'm not out so much. A cheap PC laptop with PC-Card slots is a much easier to setup platform. FWIK though, ax0n got a wifi scanning setup on a Wallstreet w/ 10.2.x and either a Lucent or Prism based card.

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