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Question from n00b


I was looking for someplace to find some info and this looks like the place to ask. I was given an G3 AIO, and I'm making it a project machine. I'd like to do some soft of neat case mod with it, but I need to know if the main board from the AIO will fit in a B&W G3 case without having to hack it to pieces?


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Ah, the G3 All In One. I haven't seen one those in some time. Great machine, has the same logic board as the beige g3 desktop and minitower. As for fitting into a blue and white case, I'd say that the process would be more trouble than it's worth. Considering that the cost of a working Blue and White is about to plummet, it'd probably be more trouble than it's worth. The board may not fit in the case properly, as the blue and white logic has 4 expansion slots on the board, while the beige only has 3. I know some will say that the blue and white only has 3, but that's only when you factor in the installed video card. I know, as I have four video cards in mine.

- iantm

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