iBook G3 sloooooooow video

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iBook G3 sloooooooow video

Hi everybody!

I have a G3 iBook 800mhz and I like to use it on the move. I converted all my dvd's to divx on my pc so I didnt have to carry the discs with me (+ I dont have a dvd drive) and they play fine on my pc. But on my iBook it is sloooow, choppy, and sometimes the voices are out of sync. I have tried QuickTime and VLC and they both do the same.

Any Ideas?

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You need to go to energy save

You need to go to energy saver, and turn off "automatic" and instead set it so that its fastest. It will use up batteries faster, but you will be running at 800MHz instead of a lower clock speed. As when on automatic, it tries to conserve power. My 800 does the same thing if in automatic, but on fastest it plays them fine.

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It's that same thing as CPU t

It's that same thing as CPU throttling in the PC world. That energy saver setting will allow the iBook to slow down the CPU so that it can save power, as Stuka pointed out. It will bump the speed up and down depending on what it is doing, and doing DiVX might be HDD intensive to a bit, then CPU intensive to decode, then it can slow down a bit to show the decoded stream. Then it's gotta read from the HDD again and decode, starting at the slower speed, and it might take long enough for the system to notice that it needs more speed that you get skips and chops in the video.

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