PowerBook G3 Wall Street 14.1" parts

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PowerBook G3 Wall Street 14.1" parts

I have a variety of parts for a 14.1" Wall Street G3 that I am looking to sell. Here they are. All parts are sold as is, but are known to be good unless otherwise specified. The sound/dc-in board is broken bad. Everything was last used in September 2004, and worked fine at the time. I was working on the computer at the time I moved to PA, and due to time constraints, I packed everything into a box (using antistatic safe procedures) and moved it with me. Since moving up here, I've ended up with new projects, and since I now have a PowerBook G4, and my fiance has an iBook G4, there isn't much reason for me to finish fixing the PowerBook and keep it. At this point, I would like to sell off everything I have left of it, and be done with it. It was a good computer, but my needs for legacy computing are not as great up here as they were in Florida.

14.1" active matrix display clamshell assembly with good hinges, no dead pixels - $40 +S&H
20x CD-ROM drive in complete plastics - works good, reads fine - $25 + S&H
Battery - worked fine when last used (in September 2004) may or may not work - you pay shipping & handling
266mhz Processor Card - worked fine with Mac OS 9.2 when last used (9/04) - you pay shipping & handling
Case Plastics (top case) trackpad works, in good shape, little wear - $10 +S&H
Bottom Case w/logic board (worked fine in 9/2004, unsure now), little wear - $15 +S&H


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Dibs on the Battery and Processor card. My wallstreet's batts are dead, and I fried one of my CPU cards by putting a screw into the heatsink that was too long. Quote me on shipping and I'll toss in a few bucks to make it worth your time.

Do you have any of the external/internal torx screws that go to the wallstreet? I can use as many of those pesky torx screws as you can muster up and I'll add $5 if you have a fistfull of them, like 10 or more of varying sizes (I really need the long ones by the battery latches and some internal ones). My Wallstreet sat disassembled for about 9 months and I seem to have misplaced the jar that I put all those screws in. I'm just putting it back together this week.

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