Apple ][e Cards Need Some Info On These

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Apple ][e Cards Need Some Info On These


A little history.
Just recently purchased a Apple ][e system from the original owner.
System was originally purchased in 1984 (I've got the original accessories receipt). This system included all the original boxes (Apple ][e has matching serial numbers), manuals, disks, cables, port covers, packing bill ...etc.

Inside though were two cards that I wanted to know about their rarity and value.

One is a Virex card which has thre connector headers that are labeled DTE/Modem, DCE/Printer & Parallel/Terminal.
I haven't looked at the documentation yet but it was in SLOT 2 and was told by the owner it was for a printer which was not included in the sale.

The other card is and ALS - Digital Research Advance Logic Systems - The CP/M CARD Rev B (c) 1983
Serial Number (hand Written) 004039

I believe I received the manuals and the disk and possibly the original Retail boxes also.

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What you have....

The Videx card is a slot saver card... multi I/O. The ALS is a Z-80 coprocessor that allows you to run CP/M software - it's a clone of the Microsoft Softcard, more or less.

The Videx card is uncommon - but there's not a lot of demand for it either. The ALS card is fairly common as CP/M cards go. It's not the most sought out one out there.

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