Cheapest gaming LCD

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Cheapest gaming LCD

What would be the best (and cheapest) LCD monitor for my Quicksilver G4. I don't really want to get a DVI-ADC adapter so what is the best DVI one?

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I just happened to see a 19"

I just happened to see a 19" LCD at WalMart for $299 or so. I have no idea about the quality, response times or anything, just the size and price caught my eye as I walked by.

I don't rember for sure which I saw but the WM site has these:
Promise 19" LCD
ilo 19" LCD

ilo is the new WalMart house brand. I'm not sure about Balance.

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I've got an Envision 17in. LCD which I got at Compusa in January for $225 after rebate plus a free Canon printer. I've seen it go down to $175 or something like that. I'm very happy with it, it's a very good monitor for the price. The 19in. version has DVI connectors. If you're patient you'll probably be able to catch it on sale.

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If you're going to be playing

If you're going to be playing games on it or something like that, a 16ms or better response time is pretty much essential unless you like having very disorienting ghosting effects.

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LCD's pretty much suck for ga

LCD's pretty much suck for games period. Besides the motion blur (which is fairly minimal on high end LCD's), you are stuck with one native resolution. So you better have a fast machine to be able to play all your games at that resolution. Because if you set it to a lower res, then you get a nice blurred image caused by the scaling. CRT's are still the best display for gaming.

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