Things are a changin'

Well, it's certainly gonna be different around here, but the groundworks been laid now so there's no going back. I'm impressed with the power and flexibilty of the Drupal system, it seems that there's a fair few extras that can be dropped in no problem as and when needed.

So far I like:

* The wiki editing. I do enough contributions to the Wikipedia to know wiki better than html
* The user customised themes - Tom just drop the AF logo into the marvin theme and that's me happy.
* The rest of it

What I'd like to see:

* A neat implementation of avatars, positions within AF (i.e. moderator, newbie, member, chief code monkey, etc.) and possibly post count.
* A calendar?
* Some limitation on editing the book pages - alright so it's good to have community involvement but you don't want someone with a vendeta wiping out information and replacing it with some 1337 kiddy crap.
* Ability for users to change the order in which the information boxes appear on the left/right hand side of the screen - whilst the slashdot feed is nice I don't need it right at the very top.
* And, I know it's pedantic, but nicer looking percentage bars on the polls would be good

But besides that it all seems to be working okay (other than a few issues with links and the like). A month from now we ought to have a pretty powerful portal up and running here...