FS - Powerbook 3400c

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FS - Powerbook 3400c

Sorry for the typos. -__-

Okay, I'm clearing off the workbench to raise some
capital to pay for a grapite iBook, so them here's a
little something for your consideration.

Powerbook 3400c

200 MHz processer
48 mgs physical RAM (Doubled to 96mgs)
1.3 gig HDD
Good active matrix screen (no dead pixels)
OS 9.1
CD Rom module
Apple Floppy Module
BookEndz Dock
ADB Mouse
Pretty good battery (yeah, you heard right)
AC Adaptor (yo yo style)
great physical condition w/ only minor case scuffs, though missing rear port cover.

I've been using this for a few months now and the only problem is a dead mousepad (I don't have a replacement) so I've been using an external mouse. I haven't fully tested the battery, I've powered up the book and used it for about 10 minutes so far (not bad). Other than that this doesn't have any other issues. I've had this running ROAD RUNNER off the cable modem without problem.

I'm asking $80.00 US (that includes domestic

For best results, e-mail me at:


Shipping from San Antonio, Tx. 78216
(210) 375-6626


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just wondering if you still

just wondering if you still had this?

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When you say "pretty good battery". How long can it be used?

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