Problem with startup disk on Quadra 950

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Problem with startup disk on Quadra 950

I have a Quadra 950 that I recently installed A/UX 3.01 on. Everything worked fine, booted into A/UX, no problem. I had split the HD into 3 partitions (1 for the MacOS that comes with A/UX, 1 for A/UX and 1 for OS 7.6.1) so I proceded to install 7.6.1 onto the third partition (I actually can't remember the order of the 3 partitions, it that matters). That went fine, boots into that no problem.
But, now it doesn't want to boot into the other partion again. Running Startup Disk and selecting the A/UX-MacOS volume seems to work except that if I run it again, both volumes are selected (I can select either one of them again, but both are always selected when I run it again).

So I thought there was some problem with the PRAM so I checked the battery (it is almost new) and it gave 3.64V. I zapped the PRAM several times, same results.

Then I thought, what if I make the 7.6.1 volume unbootable? I changed the name of the System file which "decertified" the system folder (or whatever that is called). Rebooted, and it still wants to boot into that volume, except that now it comes up with error 41 in the boot process. Trying to reboot from a CD by holding down "C" (or does that only work on PowerMacs?) has no effect.

I have yet to try to boot from a floppy, but what the he** is going on? Is the PRAM fried? Is there a CUDA switch somewhere on the motherboard? (or is that just on PowerMacs?).

Any help would be appreciated.


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sorry bro, rtfinem :-)

"If you have a Workgroup Server 95, do not upgrade to System 7.5 or later. A Workgroup Server 95 with A/UX only works with System 7.0.1 and System 7 Tune-Up 1.1.1."

Its in the bible. Im surprised you didnt come across it. Reformat time.


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Maybe, maybe not

dvsjr is right about the OS limitation, but that's only for the "MacPartition" - the small volume that boots the MacOS merely as a way to then boostrap into A/UX.

The third partition can have any OS on it (well, anything up to 8.1, since the Q950 hardware isn't supported by anything beyond that).

My guess would be that when you installed 7.6.1 it might have updated the Apple hard disk driver on all three partitions, or at least on the MacPartition volume. It's possible that the newer HD driver, or perhaps the presence of a mix of drivers on the three volumes, caused some trouble.

I've had a couple of 950s - actually they were AWS95s, but I didn't have the HDs hooked up to the special AWS PDS card so in practice they were 950s. I had no problem with other versions of Mac OS being installed. HOWEVER, instead of multiple volumes, I used multiple HDs. So one HD had A/UX and MacPartition on it, and the other HD had Mac OS 7.5, 7.6 or 8.1 on it. It worked fine using the Startup Disk Control Panel.


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