N2 (Newton 2000 Desktop?!)

What you have here is a Newton 2000 running the EZ2VGA card, displaying a 256 color image with EZPresenter. The keyboard attached was sometimes a Palm foldout keyboard with the special adaptor made by one Newton fan connected to a added serial port made by another fan. The other PCMCIA slot would either have a ethernet/modem card or a 1 gig microdrive. The Newton 2000 as a desktop was fun. Only gripes, needs just ONE more PCMCIA slot or more internal ram than the 4 meg installed. Used it as my primary desktop for a month just for fun, and it was quite fun indeed. And when I was doing stuff on other computers I would simply play some tunes with the MadMax MP3 player through the audio/out cable to some good speakers. NewtOS would have made one interesting desktop... LOL

Two interesting side notes.. "N2" was one of the code names for the Newton 2000. At least that is what I heard.

Secondly, for anyone curious the lady in the picture is a picture of, not my wife, but a friend, at a butterfly exhibit. I thought the colors of the picture made for a great demo of how a Newton could display color. For a Newton that normally diplays 16 grays 256 is an awesome feat! Setting those images up is difficult!! You have to run Powerpoint95 (no more, no less, must be IBM PC version), save picture in slide, convert slide with wonky little program, then download to the Newton. LENGTHY process. I had a picture of a Newton logo and I think the CES'83 Robot Demo for the Atari 400/800 computers, but let's face it, the lady shows up the best. Acute