All-In-One Love at First Sight!

This was my first sighting of the All-In-One Mac... and where I fell in love with the computer that I knew I had to have. Somewhere between the beige and the iMacs, this thing that looks like a funky microfiche reader had a nice bus speed for a G3, and could take SCSI -OR- IDE drives on a easy pull out motherboard tray. I normally don't buy anything often for over $30-$40 range. But like the Newton 2000 when I first saw it I knew this computer was the one and dispite price, I bought it. Today I tend to use the "All-In-One" as a desktop (to write this even Smile ) and later I would adopt what I call the "All-In-One" of laptops, the Duo 2300c (which can also run SCSI and IDE at the same time. Of course space is a issue, but that is beside the point...) The All-In-One has been everything I dreamed a computer would be back in the 80's as it is used as an extensive storage machine, emulation machine, and importer of media (used to convert records, tapes & other media to MP3.) Strangely so useful and reliable and yet the computer I tend to talk the least about. Biggrin