Print photos without wires at your local photo lab

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Print photos without wires at your local photo lab

For those of you who have a PowerBook or iBook with built in bluetooth, you no longer need to burn a cd to make prints at your local photo lab. Photo labs with the Kodak Picturemaker machine (CVS, Wal-mart, Walgreen's, and others) are able to accept photos via bluetooth. I spend a little too much time at my local CVS making prints. I just drag the photos from iPhoto to my desktop, and send file from the bluetooth indicator, select the files, then select the picturemaker to receive them. On the Picturemaker machine, select the "Cameraphone" options, and you're set. For those who have IR and not bluetooth, you have the option of using IR too. The picturemaker also supports IRDA.

- iantm

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Thats cool thanks for sharing

Thats cool thanks for sharing your findings.

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