PPC OS Problem

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PPC OS Problem

Well I am back in Oregon for the summer. I had to choose which computer to bring from my home. I had just been finishing my LCII case mod (PowerCenter 120 board). There wasn't much room for my 5500 unfortunately, not to mention the fact that I didn't want to haul it. I decided that my pizza box, with it's accompanying tower would be a good candidate. I copied the system folder from the 5500 (off it's brand new 30 gig hd!). I also copied my other files. I virus scanned it. ( The only virus I have gotten on the mac was two months ago. It was a 14 year old virus which infected 8.6)

The LCII case is too small to have any internal drives, so I rigged up my SCSI tower; an AT PC Tower. I put a CD-ROM and two nine gig hds (Ultra SCSI (Evil Grin) ). I was planning to make a repair drive, putting all fo my recovery tool on it, create partitions from OS Disk images. I got sucked into seeing Madagascar (Move it!). I simply copied a 8.5 disk image to my main hd, planning to do it later.

My problem began when I was trying to install an OS on the Duo I brought. I eventually installed successfully despite my iffy cable. I think the problem began when I decided to hot swap the tower (duh). I booted off the tower a few times. The next time I tried to boot the LCIIPPc it gave me some code error and the ususal "restart without extensions" bit. I did that and got another error. I tried again with the duo, but it gave me the same thing.

The only OS I have with me on cd is 8.0. I do have an 8.1 update disk, but I just realized it is from when we first got the iMac and I didn't know how to burn hfs discs. I am convinced the system file is corrupt, but I have no way to replace it. I need to recover the files on there. I would install 8.0 then upgrade, but that would force me to reformat the segate (primary drive). I cannot format the other drive because I have no drivers for it (Compaq). I would use the Duo in SCSI disk mode, but I lent the PS to someone with a Wallstreet to test their powerboard ( I hope it will power it. Can a Duo PS power a Wallstreet?)

I have these resources at hand:

PB Duo 230c PPC (if I get PS back)
Male DB25-Male DB25 SCSI
Centronics-50 to HD-? (It was used to attatch an external CD ROM drive to a Duo Dock, before a pin got pulled out. I used it for a SCSI disk mode adapter for a while, then I needed it to serve its former purpose. I supplemented a staple for the pin. Now have a cable that will serve its original purpose only if plugged in after a certain point. Otherwise it's a sdm cable. Long explination huh?)
A PC laptop on dial up with a burner
serial cable
misc. pc parts

If someone can come up with a complex plan to save me, I would appreciate it. I would appreciate a simple answer all the more.

If any of you live in or near Clatsop County and have OS disk I may borrow, I would be extremely thankful.