My Macintosh Collection.

My First Encounter with macs was probably when I went to school fete and I inherited two Mac Classics.
They had Mac os 6.0.7 on them and some sweet stuff on them such as clarisworks and a touchtype course.
during that time one of them dicided not to work anymore as in when turned on no bootup noise screen nothing visible or hd noises.
Then we inherited a macintosh LC 575 great machine to typing up documents etc.
one fateful day I just happend the mac classics to delete one of it's extensions and it didn't boot but luckily I remembered that my other classics HD still had a good os on it and inserted that hd great bootup chime searched for OS booted but I dicided to put on System 7 on it so i wiped it (shouldn't of done that) cause i lost data but i did but it was really slow. then i found on the Apple Website
were providing system 6.0.8 for free then i put on Clarisworks 2.0 which I had lying around and it works beautifuly.



The first Mac I got was a Macintosh LC. Noone wanted that old computer with BW display. Fortunatly it was color, but it was just turned off in the preferences. Wink

I think this is 5 years ago, so it was a very old computer. Later I got som Macintosh 512k etc. Of course after receiving all this old hardware I played around, and was able to get LocalTalk between them to save data and reinstall System 6 or 7.

I've enjoyed Apples older software as well, but unfortunatly not all versions are available in Danish which is my native language.

How can Apple earn money putting all that old software on their homepage? Well, since I was the only one at work who had ever worked on a Mac, when our Internet banking solution was to be tested on other platform e.g. Mac - I was in charge. I ordered a new Mac, and fell in love with Mac OS X 10.1.

Now I've switched from Linux to Mac OS X, and never had a better computer (except my Commodore 64). Smile That's how Apple makes money on very old software. Wink

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Well a couple of weeks ago I was browsing and I also saw a petition forced to apple to release Mac OS 8.1 and 8.5.1 free on their webpage.
You can check it out here
what do you think i believe they probably should realese them including Mac OS 7.6

Somehow it's sad when people make a nice petition, and I see other people named 'Han Solo' signing it as well.

This makes the petition look non-serious. Sad