Dead Display on PowerBook TI 500 -- Maybe WTB

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Dead Display on PowerBook TI 500 -- Maybe WTB

Hey all:

I may be in the market for a replacement display for a Titanium 500MHz PowerBook, if that's what is actually the problem. First, I'm looking for help to determine if that is actually the problem, and second, let me know if you have the part available for purchase.

The above mentioned PowerBook belongs to a friend, and the display died last week. As he described it, the problem started with rainbow colors all over the screen which morphed into a purple blob on one side of the display, that gradually grew until everything else on the display was obliterated. Now it's completely dark. I haven't actually seen the machine, only heard second-hand from him what happened after the fact, so I'm not sure if that's an accurate description or not. Does that sound like a dying LCD panel, or maybe a dying backlight?

He & I have checked into some of the mail-in repair programs, and he'd rather not spend the $550+ that they are asking, if the display needs to be replaced. (A used machine of similar specs can be had for about the same price.) So if you would agree that this is a bad display and have a working one from an otherwise dead PowerBook, can we make a deal? If so, drop me a PM.


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yeah you need a new one

the screen is cracked. What you are seen is the liquid crystal leakage. It's the chemical that is reactive to the electricity and does the light blocking to give you the cover (think of it as a liquid window shade.
anyway, use ebay. or pbfixit most likely has a take apart manual to help you do it too. It might be $15-$25

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Smashed or Cracked

He's either smashed or cracked the display, it needs replacing but will work once replaced. I'm afraid i dont have one to offer.

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I have a display from a trashed tibook 500 from work. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing whether it is actually good or not.

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