ISO PB160 parts


Anybody gotz a PB160 trackball assembly? Or screen?


I got me several trackball assemblies from PB145 and PB150s. I'm guessing that they're the same units that are available in the PB160 but am not entirely certain.

Anyway, I'm having a two for one sale, if you're interested. $5 plus shipping will get you two PowerBook trackball assemblies delivered to your door via your friendly neighbourhood US postal service.

They're part number: 200247-00 Rev. A - LF15212MC37B

PM me if interested.


Done deal. I can't figure out how to PM with this post-hack setup. Please email me: .


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I have a new screen. Its just the LCD panel only, you will have to use your existing plastics. PM me if your interested.


P.S. To PM just click on MaxTek above where it says submitted by. Thank scroll down to Private Messages, send private message.