Pondering HAL

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Pondering HAL

I was just looking at some of the case mods here on Applefritter and was particularly struck by the Classic HAL mod. So impressed, in fact, that I'm contemplating doing something similar with my big old ugly Quadra 950.

I bought my Quadra 950 used and the people that had previously owned it, did not take good care of it at all. It was battered and abused and the evidence of neglect is quite apparent; there are scuff's and scrapes galore. No, the Quadra is not in a condition worthy of its majesty and significance in the history of the Macintosh line.

A complete makeover is in order. I've been slowly adding bits and pieces to the Quadra over time; the machine came as a bare bones unit with no hard drive and a paltry 16 megabytes of RAM. Who would dare to whither away such a princely machine with such impunity? Not I! No sir, I've upgraded the video RAM to the full 2 megabytes and added a small 130 megabyte hard drive -- the hard drive will soon be replaced with a much larger unit. I have upgraded the RAM to a semi-whopping 64 megabytes, with more to come, and am now ready to make the machine beautiful again.

I'm convinced that a variant of the theme illustrated in the Classic HAL mod is precisely what I'm after. A nice large window in the side of the 950, a cool paint job, and some lights will raise this mighty warrior from the dead. Ahhh, I'm anxious to get started...

Anyway, the whole point of this post: Has anyone else attempted a mod similar to the Classic HAL mod? I'd really like to get some tips and advice before I get started.