Bill Gates v2.0

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Bill Gates v2.0

Intellivision is *vastly superior to the 2600.
But what did everyone buy?
The 2600.

Beta is *vastly superior to VHS.
But what did everyone buy?

Apple computers are *vastly superior to Windows computers.
But what does everyone buy?

So all businesses went with the PC instead of Macintoshes & Bill Gates became the richest guy in the world.
But that's all *business computers ....
*Work ....

What about computers for *play?

That's where Steve Jobs comes in.
He wants Apple to be the "Windows" of play.

Whether it's the "iPod" for music or the coming video "iPod" for video & games and all the applications that apply, Apple wants to be as ubiquitous for entertainment as Microsoft is for productivity.

Computers + Productivity = Bill Gates.World's Richest Guy
Computers + Entertainment = Steve Jobs.Bill Gates v2.0 ??

Discuss ....

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gasp... i think you may be ri

gasp... i think you may be right

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