The Tombstone Mac

by John McDonnell



  • Philco Model R-90 Baby Grand Tombstone Radio (special commemorative edition)
  • Macintosh Quadra 605 motherboard overclocked to 33MHz
  • 36 watt LC 475 power supply
  • 36 MB RAM
  • 160 MB Quantum hard drive
  • 3.5" auto-eject floppy drive
  • RJ45 Ethernet PDS card
  • Original ON-OFF power switch boots computer
  • History teacher with too much time on his hands during summer break

radiomac0009 radiomac0005 radiomac0002
radiomac0007 radiomac0003 radiomac0004

Alternative names: New Deal Mac | Philco Mac | Quadra '31
Thanks for looking at my contribution to the world of absurd Macintosh modifications.

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