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Newton Message pads

I have four NIB (new in box) Newton Message pads for sale, Several 120s that are new but no box. A few 130s, used but in good condition. Six external modems for the Newton, takes batterys (2 AA) or external power supply. I used 2 AA batterys and hooked it up to my 120 and faxed my former employer.

Two of the message pads come with a new modem in the box and all the documention, The other two come with the software and cables to hook your Newton up to your computer. Mac or PC.

The Newton 130s do not have the screen cover and not all have the stylus (I have a few different style stylus) The 130s have been powered up and the screen backlite checked to make sure it works and thats all I know about them. I also have a couple of unqie items for the newtons. One is a slip cover with a hard cover sewin in to it to protect screen. Black in color looks and feels like fine leather and has the Newton logo (I think the material is synthic). A shoulder strap with a case the newton fits in to upside down so when you use it the Newton is right side up. The cover must be removed to use this. These are what the 130s came in.

The Newtons NIB.......$35.00 each. If you purchase one that does not have the modem kit and want a external modem add $10.00
If you purchase one that does not have the Mac/PC kit and want one add $10.00.
Newton 120s new, no box and no documentation $15.00 some of these have Newton OS 1.3 or 2.0. Add $5.00 for shipping
Newton 130s used, no box and no documentation $15.00, all 130s have Newton OS 2.0. Add $5.00 for shipping.

I have extra Mac/PC kits and modems very limited in supply and the Newton must have OS 2.0 to use the Mac/PC kit. I also have extra documention, very limited in supply
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What model are the NIB Newtons? 120 or 130?

Can you post pics of the shoulder harness and slip cover?

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