Trading A LOT of Mac/PC stuff for Apple II stuff

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Trading A LOT of Mac/PC stuff for Apple II stuff

Pictures of cables at:

SCSI and Mac stuff:
2 db25 to 50 pin centronics
1 db25 to 50 pin high density scsi-2
5 hd 68 to compact 68? (3 grey, 1 black, 1 translucent w/ braided silver)
2 internal scsi-2 50 pin cable (2 devices)
1 internal ultra scsi 68 pin cable (7 devices)
4 68 pin to 68 pin untra scsi cables
2 centronics to 50 pin high density converters
1 50 pin centronics terminator
1 50 pin high density terminator
1 68 pin high density terminator
1 50 pin internal scsi cable terminator
1 Kurta penmouse digitizing pad (no stylus) - Untested, AS-IS
2 ADB 1 button mice (1 apple, 1 Daystar Digital) - Untested, AS-IS
1 MicroGard Plus ADB dongle for Adobe Illustrator version 5.0 - Untested, AS-IS

Other stuff (email if you need more info/pics):
1 Linksys WAP-11 Wireless access point
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ cpu with Heatsink/Fan
Asrock K7VT2 motherboard (ata 133, USB2.0, supports DDR and SDRAM, solid board)
a stick of 512 meg SDRAM (generic branded)
Belkin Nostromo N-52 programmable USB game controller (Mac compatible)
Samsung 256 meg stick, laptop memory, PC2100.
Pelican Gamecube controller and extention cable
Modded XBOX with 120 gig harddrive, 2 controllers (large style), power cable, Video out cable
iPod Shuffle, 512Meg (used)

I am looking for the following in trade:
Apple IIgs RGB Monitor
One Apple IIgs 5.25" disk drive
Two Apple IIgs 3.5" disk drives
Apple IIc or IIc+ with 9" green screen and stand
Apple Composite color monitor with IIc stand
Apple IIc memory expansion card (preferably populated)

Will also take cash offers via paypal. I am verified and confirmed.
Please PM or email me at