Booting from PCMCIA memory card

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Booting from PCMCIA memory card

Am currently bulding a picture frame from a PowerBok 5300, and I occasionally hear that
people save on the size and weight of the unit by getting rid of the hard drive, and use
something in the PCMCIA slot instead...

Am I right in assuming that users use one of the many PCMCIA card readers?

I have a 128mb SmartMedia card going spare, so can I use of the many Ebay-available card
readers out there for around £10 ($15), and then install say MacOS 9.2 on it or similar so
it can boot from that instead of the lousy 500mb hard drive thats currently in use???

With thanks!

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i have done the exact same th

i have done the exact same thing as you. its so easy to select a memory stick or CF as a bootable drive. just put it in the pcmia adapter, and install an OS to it. then select it as your boot drive.

thats it


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