Home again

I have been home for 3 days, but have been too lasy to post. Anyway, I got the color style writer 1500 working, just neede cleaning. I can't install 8.6, since the only external cdrom I can use is at school (doh! I should have borrowed it...). There was no internal cdrom with this laptop, it was the cheepy modle (117 w/ no cashe, but strangly an active matrix screen...). The os (7.6.1) that is on the laptop is full of junk, and half of the extentions and control panals are missing (bye bye open transport, appletalk and desktop paterns), and the laptop is not very usefull untill it can get on my network, so I can transfer stuff over. I also got an ethernet/modem combo card with it, which is very nice... but I am still looking for a wirless card.