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An Open Question

Now, I am serious when I say this, although such concerns to few might seem unrelevant or a joke. I would like to know: What is the reason behind the "odd" price of Apple I. Also, that is the reason behind: Why is the same number reappearing regarding June 6, 2006 (apple's designated and advertised date)of switch to Intel. I do understand that this might be silly, but as a perfectionist and a religious person, I find things like that odd. I would apprecieate any SERIOUS answers, pointers, opinions.

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I'd guess steve likes sixes.

I'd guess steve likes sixes. Seriously.

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666 or 616

i know you are getting at the whole '666' thing. i mean not to dis-value the potentcy of the number to many people over many generations, but the number 666 is actually wrong. a big group of dorks...i mean historic theologians did a huge research project of really translating the oldest copy of biblical text. eith so much advancement in translating aramaic and hebrew...these guys went head first into translating and calculating everything in the bible. now, when it came down to that oh so special number of the beast. it turns out that it is actually 616. not as striking as 666, but none the less. but it proves that ann arbor, mi is the pit of all evil, thats the area code. but since 666 has been around much longer, it has more impact. steve could just be into satanism. and he just wants to poke fun at all christians. i mean look at the logo. it is an apple with a bite taken. sounds like when the serpent-like satan advanced eve and she took a bite. steve could be the anti-christ instead of bill gates. or it could just be one big joke and not too many people get it. oh well.

peace and love

ps. i am very religious too, i just dont care what steve does with the satanic imagery. i am also a graphic designer and know that the evil connotations always look cooler. goodguy stuff always look goofy, dull, and boring. the badguys have all the excitement and creative costumes. except jesus. there is a lot of cool imagery to use with jesus. its really odd that a lot more goths arent christians. with all the blood drinking, flesh eating, and death and ressurrection. that is straight up the vampire fans' alley.

oh well.

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Sorry, but the 666 price was

Sorry, but the 666 price was just a coincidence, here is Woz's response from a similar question posted on his web site

I've seen in books (though I cannot remember which one(s)!) original adverts for the Apple I. I've also seen talk about it online, but, for me, one question remains: what's with the price? Why $666.66?

It doesn't offend me, but I'm sure some people, sometime, must've been.

I've always collected good phone numbers with repeating digits. It goes back to when I ran the first dial-a-joke in the SF Bay Area and needed good numbers. For example, I once had 255-6666 for dial-a-joke. We first knew that the Byte Shop of Palo Alto would be buying the Apple I computers from us for $500 each. Steve came up with something like $650 or $666 or, quite likely, $667, which is a logical 4:3 ratio. I spotted this and added .66 to keep all the digits the same. I'd never attended church nor read the bible so I didn't know of any negative connotation with 666. Neither did Steve Jobs. We were quite surprised when people told us. Sorry, but no connection.

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