so im doing an emac hack

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so im doing an emac hack

so i have an emac 1.25 ghz logic board, and am doing an headless hack

the board powers up (the green light on the loic board is on, and drives spin up from the Down converter board. Since i dont have a monitor, i set up a bootable drive with VNC, to then configure the video settings.

But the computer dosent show in my network panel, or remote desktop. So i dont know if the computer has booted from the drive or not!

what should i do? how can i configure the video settings of an emac (it still thinks it has the internal display, so its outputting crazy reresh rates) without the display? or what settings shouold i configure the hard drive with so that it boots up without me knowing it?


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hardware? software?

Which eMac? What OS & version?

eMacs all have a mini-vga connection. Get the adapter.

to vga
new or used

to composite/s-video
new or used

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