WTB: Mac serial cable- Mini Din-8 to DB-25

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WTB: Mac serial cable- Mini Din-8 to DB-25

I need two of these, at least 5 foot long.
They need to be "hardware handshake" capable for high speeds.

MacMall has a belkin version of this cable for 2.99. If I can get 2 for less than $10 my life will be complete.

If you happen to already have a pre-made null hardware handshake mini din-8 to DB-9, I'd definately be interested in that, since ultimately that's what I am going to use the above cables for (mac to PC null transfer).

PM me if you have what I'm looking for.

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I've been looking to accomplish the same thing.

I have been looking for pretty much the same thing. Although, I've not been as active in my quest, and my interest is in establishing a serial connection between a Macintosh and an Asante switch.

Have you already eliminated the possibility of simply networking the Mac and PC via Appletalk?

I do not have the specifics of your particular situation, but if file transfer between a PC & Mac is all that you're looking to do, Appletalk would probably prove a much more advantageous endeavour.

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