Woo Hoo and a Happy New Year to all!

So I got my 20Gb iPod back from Apple yesterday. It wasn't *my* iPod but a replacement as the serial # is different. Oh well, that's the way Apple handles iPod hardware issues... A bad headphone port new-out-of-the-box is bad for a quality issue, but they shipped me this new one a week ahead of schedual. We weren't expecting it until the 7th. it made me so happy that I backuped up the iBook onto the iPod, reinstalled OS X wiping away OS 9. It's about time I did that, as the only thing I ever used 9 or Classic for is my old copy of PS 4.0. If/when I NEED PS, I can go use it on a 5500/250 or something. It'll likely be as useable as PS 4.0 under Classic... Blum 3