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Price check on Intel and PPC minis

I've got a trade/buy deal in the works for two minis. I'm curious how much the pair should go for, and I'm not finding too much pricing info. The pricing list at LEM doesn't quite include the specs they have. The Intel one is 1.66 Core Duo, 2GB RAM, Superdrive, Wireless and Bluetooth, 80GB drive and the G4 is 1.42GHz, 1GB RAM, Superdrive, 80GB drive, Bluetooth and wireless. The pair is listed at $850.


I recently found a thread with an awesome group of photos a member took of a helicopter ride around downtown KC and the Westin Crown Center and Country Club Plaza areas on June 19th. If you've never seen a pic of KC and come from somewhere like California, you'll love all the towers and such. Just try to remember that it sure isn't NYC...,12340.0.html

Size matters.

I upgraded my mini to 1GB of RAM tonight. It is certainly more responsive during use, esp. when multitasking. I logged in and started FireFox, which opens the last 6 tabs I had open when it was closed. Then I switched users to my wife's account and started up FF there which opened the last site she was at. I left it running then I went back to my account and opened iTunes and started the latest H*R podcast and left that running. Then I went to FF, went to Google Video and watched a streaming video. Switched back and forth to iTunes and FF and no hiccups. Butter smooth.

I'm jealous of me, too...

For now I'll just post: Portable, original case, manuals. Great shape, no boot yet. Cost: one of you probably knows, but it was WAY less that it's worth. Wink

I love cable broadband.

It's fast.

Freedom Toaster Project - My USA project!

So, some of you may have seen the project. I have been to Surplus Exchange recently where they have an old phone card dispenser for very cheap. My plan is to go down there tomorrow and buy it to convert the case into a Freedom Toaster. Then, I'll donate it back to S.E. for use by their customers to make OS CDs as needed. It's a great idea, IMHO. S.E.

Stuff to wonder about.

I just found out that Richard Kyanka (founder of Something Awful) is living a few miles away in my hometown of Lee's Summit, MO. Maybe I never knew this before, because I never read SA. Or Fark. Or any other of the popular odd sites, other than BME. I did know about Pat Metheny, as my dad went to school with him.

Interesting stuff at Surplus Exchange

If any one has some real interest in unusual hardware, I'm willing to act as a purchaser for non-locals from in exchange for a meager sum. I'm not always available to go by during their open hours, but they are open Sat. too, so I can likely make it by at least once a week if someone is looking for something specific.

Today I was there and found:

Info and updates of stuff

Found some links on Hack-A-Day,
This post:
linked to this page on de/re soldering a FireWire chip on a Dell laptop:
and the guy also has some cool pages on his site:


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