I recently found a thread with an awesome group of photos a member took of a helicopter ride around downtown KC and the Westin Crown Center and Country Club Plaza areas on June 19th. If you've never seen a pic of KC and come from somewhere like California, you'll love all the towers and such. Just try to remember that it sure isn't NYC...


If I get the time and the bug to go through it I might link some of them and point out some of the awesome buildings around here, like the P&L, Fidelity Bank Tower, Union Station, One KC Place, Town Center, Bartle Hall, City Hall, the Court House (semi-circular!), the new H&R Block building (looks like a Bic lighter), the new (almost done) Sprint Center right by it (round like a shiny ashtray), the very funky KC Star building across the highway from that... I know ax0n works in a downtown tower, but I don't know which. And as a note to my self and others, there is a Wikipedia page for KC architecture.

I actually live just a ways east, across the Blue River in Independence, but the Greater KCMO area is "home."


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A very pretty city. Nice use of space with a lot of space to use. Looks clean and modern with some intelligent architecture and urban planning. You should ask the gigapixel guys to stop by and take some pics. (I think they caught me catching a left on the wave between the towers in the right center of the Honolulu shots Wink )