Price check on Intel and PPC minis

I've got a trade/buy deal in the works for two minis. I'm curious how much the pair should go for, and I'm not finding too much pricing info. The pricing list at LEM doesn't quite include the specs they have. The Intel one is 1.66 Core Duo, 2GB RAM, Superdrive, Wireless and Bluetooth, 80GB drive and the G4 is 1.42GHz, 1GB RAM, Superdrive, 80GB drive, Bluetooth and wireless. The pair is listed at $850. I'm looking to trade a 24U rack mount cabinet and some other stuff for as much as I can to minimize cash outlay. It looks like a decent deal, but it's sight-unseen so far.

Any opinions/tips?


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It seems like a good deal to me, because each unit is maxed out (except for HD).

More critical - and probably more likely to get the seller to be flexible - than trying to bargain the seller down on the actual price, I think, is getting him/her to give you a decent trade credit for the rack mount cabinet and whatever else you're looking to trade.

You need to come up with a firm value (ideally based on some research and/or eBay precedence) of what you think the rack cabinet and all your other trades are worth. Add it all up, and make sure the seller credits you for at least, say, 75 percent of that value.

Otherwise you risk throwing all your trade-in items into a monetary black hole in a desperate attempt to knock down that $850 price "just a little bit more," and the seller winds up with tons of good stuff while you end up with the minis at not much of a discount off the seller's initial price.


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Thanks, that sounds like fairly solid advice. The cabinet is a direct request from the original sale post so I just happened to have at least one worthy item they need. I'm hoping the addition of a pair of 1U servers might sweeten my side of the deal to lessen the cash outlay I might need.

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Bah! The guy decided to pass on my rack cabinet, and now he's not responding to my email asking about the individual price of the Intel mini.