WTB: dead PowerBook G3 Series battery (Wallstreet/PDQ)

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WTB: dead PowerBook G3 Series battery (Wallstreet/PDQ)

I got a PowerBook G3 Series Rev 2 (PDQ) off of ebay but it did not come with a battery (it did come with a Duo power adapter though), so I am looking for a dead battery that I could put new cells in.
I was also thinking that I might be able to rig up a battery pack that is strapped to the bottom of the 'Book with wires going into the xp bay so I could still use the bay... but that is a thought for another section of the forum. Wink

Please let me know if you have a dead or almost dead battery that you would not mind parting with.

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ive got 1 pm me

ive got 1

pm me

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