card reader problem with OS 9

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card reader problem with OS 9

My friend uses OS 9.2.2 most of the time on her B&W. She's got a
digital camera that uses Smartmedia cards. For some reason, the USB Smartmedia card readers that we hook up to her B&W are not recognized while in OS 9.2.2. We've tried three different brands of card readers, and none work, but all three work with my own B&W in OS 9.2.2 with no problems. When she switches her startup over to the Panther she's got on a different partition, then the card readers work fine in OS X on her B&W. I can't figure out where the conflict is in OS 9. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Had exactly this problem with

Had exactly this problem with a generic multi card reader. Only tried it with one card type and OS 9 so far - will try with CF and OS X when I get home.

Light comes on on the device, but no mount, and the reader doesn't even show up in Apple System Profiler.

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